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Keeping Up With the Turners (Edition 4)

Brian and I had the joy of meeting Bill Johnson while attending the Heaven Come Conference.

Wow. I really haven’t checked in with all of you in a while. Yikes! It’s been crazy busy with us these past few months. Brian and I have been working jobs outside of the home since our move, which to say has been an adjustment would be an understatement. I would say we are still trying to get into the flow of our new normal.

We did manage to block out time for us to attend Bethel Music’s Heaven Come Conference in LA this past week. I had won two tickets back in February, and I knew the Lord wanted us there so we bit the bullet and went. It was such a fish breath of air. Spirit moved in beautiful and powerful ways. Brian and I both felt the Lord confirming to us that we were following Him into what He has called us to. The first night there, my tears started flowing by the first note of the first song. And then the second night during one of the worship seats I just began weeping. I couldn’t stop the tears as I felt Holy Spirit whisper over and over again to me, “I’m setting you free. Trust me. Don’t be afraid. I’ve got you.” This theme seems to be the theme of my life with the Lord currently. I won’t try to sugarcoat my feelings for you, as fear has been a recurring feeling since our move. Well…since we first felt the Lord leading us to step out in faith. How will we survive? What about our income? Will we be okay? Is this really you, Lord? All of these questions flooded my mind at first, and they still creep up from time to time. And honestly, they paralyze me. And I know that’s not of the Lord. Fear is not one of the gifts of the Spirit. It’s a tactic from the enemy. It’s straight from hell. And it’s the enemy’s number one weapon of choice.

If the enemy can paralyze us with fear, he can thwart the God-given potential that each of us carries within us. 

We’ve been holding worship gatherings in my in-law’s bar, J’s Landing (located in Dothan, AL) on Sundays. We’ve also met with a few people within the area to share the heart that God has given us for His people and His community.

We haven’t tried to rush anything and go into this season with our own agenda or plans. We have given the reigns to Holy Spirit and asked that He do all the leading. We want whatever He has called us to do to be authentically His. We can plan all day, but if it’s not what God desires the plans are useless. Good plans don’t automatically equal God’s plans, so we have fully surrendered ourselves to Him.

We have created a fundraising page for the adventure God has called us to. This fundraiser will help support the work we are doing in the Wiregrass area. And we both have been doing live videos on our social media pages (Brian has been more consistent with his, but I am coming back). We also believe that the Lord is also opening doors for us to speak around the world. We believe that part of what God has called us to is speaking and leading worship at conferences and events in other communities, as well as our own community.

There are also a few other things that the Lord is having us work on, but more on that to come later.

I feel that I am rambling a bit at this point, so I guess I should just leave this post where it is for now. I continue to ask for your prayers for Circle City Church, our community, and our family. And for those of you who feel led to financially support the ministry, thank you in advance for sowing into the Kingdom.

We love you, friends, and we are so thankful for each of you!

Until the next update, I pray that you will catch the wind of the Spirit wherever you are and allow Him to use you to bring heaven to earth.

Casting off fear,


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