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Listen a bit deeper

ListenTo be heard is a desire which every individual has. Not a single individual ever created desires to be ignored, overlooked, undervalued, or outcast. No, every individual ever created has a deep desire to be heard, seen, valued, and accepted. It’s just in our nature.

You would think that in our current time that this desire would be one easily met. Social media is huge. The latest smart phone trends seem to make it easier to connect with one another. Our current technology has come a long way and made great strides in connecting individuals. Or so it claims. So, why is it that there is a huge sense that people aren’t being heard? That people are being undervalued and overlooked? That people are being outcast?

I believe it all comes down to the art of listening. There is a difference between listening and hearing. I can hear my dogs bark in the yard. I can hear the children playing outside. I can hear the ceiling fan as I type this post out. I can hear all of those things. But to truly listen is to take hearing a bit deeper. To listen is to take hearing a bit deeper. And that is where I believe the disconnect within our society lies.

There are so many things taking place in our society that one group or another is offended by. And instead of taking the time to listen a bit deeper, we shout and stomp our feet. We get angry. We call each other names. We hurt one another. We make assumptions. We jump to wrong conclusions. We act like wild animals, basically. But what if instead of yelling at one another, we took the time to sit down over coffee with one another? What if instead of making assumptions and jumping to wrong conclusions, we listened to the heart of one another? What if instead of calling each other hurtful names, we listened to the deep cries of each other?

Listening a bit deeper can change a lot. It can make the muddiest of waters a bit clearer. It can replace assumptions and wrong conclusions with understanding and empathy. It can mend hurts and bring love and peace.

I am not naive enough to know that we may not all share the same life experiences, but I do know that humans can help humans. I do know that we were ALL fearfully and wonderfully created in the image of God. We ALL have the capability to love, listen, and extend a helping hand. We ALL can use our voices for good. And we ALL can take time to listen a bit deeper.

How can you take time to listen a bit deeper today?

Trying to listen a bit deeper,



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