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The Beauty of Motherhood

Today my thoughts are caught up with thoughts on being on a Mom. Yes, there are definitely holy encounters found within motherhood. And no, I am not blinded to the reality that are also pits found within motherhood, but the holy encounters far outweigh the pits.

Motherhood is such a beautiful creature.

There is joy. There is pain. There is uncertainty. There is hope. And overall there is love. Oh, what a love it is that is found within motherhood. A Mother’s love is unlike any other love on earth (fellow Mamas, am I right).

I can remember pretending to be a Mommy when I was a little girl. I had baby dolls, stuffed animals, Barbies, and a little brother (sorry, Nate) at my disposal to aid in my make-believe. Being a Mom was something I always knew I wanted to be when I grew up. Having kids was never something I had to consider. I just knew within my heart that I would be a Mom one day. But I never expected it to be how motherhood actually is. Make-Believe has a way of withholding the realness of something, ya know?

When I became a Mom, my whole perspective of life changed in an instant. I knew I wanted to do everything in my power to protect my kids and give them the best life. And I knew that I never wanted them to ever question my love for them.

Motherhood is not something anyone can fully prepare for. At every stage of motherhood there is a mix of emotions. One moment you’re laughing, and the next moment you’re crying. But what I have learned, so far, in this journey of Motherhood is that all the moments are worth it. I wouldn’t trade any of the moments for anything, because that would mean I would have to trade the beauty of what motherhood is.

I feel the Lord opening my eyes to the full beauty of motherhood, and nudging me to see that every part of it is wonderful. Every part of it is magical. Every part of it is worth being thankful for.

Every part of it carries a glimpse of Heaven within it. 


Fellow Mamas, what is something about your motherhood journey that you are thanking God for today?




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